IndiEarth XChange 2018 - Chennai, India

Showcasing films from different genres, XChange Film Festival 2018's collection includes rare documentaries, cutting edge contemporary releases, animations, international features, and a compelling selection of short films - a platform for both established and emerging filmmakers.
The film festival is curated by award winning director, producer Harold Monfils.

This year's edition features Film Awards for different categories, and is being presented in association with Live Tree - a London based company that uses cutting edge AI software to benefit the creative industries and help filmmakers secure funding.
Making their debut for the first time in XChange history - the XChange Film Awards celebrated the spirit of independence in all its cinematic glory, featuring a finely curated selection of films from different genres and directors with vividly innovative approaches to storytelling.

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  • LiveTree

    LiveTree United Kingdom

    Established in 2016, LiveTree is a London based company focused on predicting the financial value films and content before it is made. LiveTree helps filmmakers secure the funding they need for high-potential projects that may be traditionally overlooked by typical channels. LiveTree’s Blossom TV is a subscription video streaming platform similar to Netflix - Blossom TV will host some of the best and most promising content available around the world and provide an audience for it.

  • Harold Monfils

    Harold Monfils Monfils Pictures / New Zealand

    Monfils is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker, with a 30-year career of international exposure working on commercials, documentaries and features. Through the years his love for travel led him to shoots in over 20 countries and 5 continents, working with a wide diversity of cultures and people as director and/or producer. He has received international recognition and a wallpaper of awards for his advertising works. In 2006, he directed award-winning feature documentary ‘Laya Project’, a visual musical journey through the 2004 Asian tsunami-affected countries. His film ‘A Good Day to Die, Hoka Hey’ documents the life story and extraordinary adventures of British conflict photographer Jason P. Howe and was selected to showcase in Cannes-France at Marche du Film in May 2016, then was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) United Nations Event on June 7th 2016. The World Premiere was held at Biografilm Festival in Italy, on June 14th 2016.