IndiEarth XChange 2018 - Chennai, India

IndiEarth XChange 2018 - December 1st - 2nd 2018

IndiEarth XChange is India’s premier annual trade event for independent music, film and media.
The 7th edition of XChange brings together global delegates, artists and media for focused, intense days of conferences, workshops, music and film showcases, networking sessions, and international opportunities.

About IndiEarth

The IndiEarth Project is a growing collective of artists and multi-country professionals joining hands to walk new paths in a fast changing landscape of the music industry.
An EarthSync initiative, IndiEarth was born to support India’s independent musicians and filmmakers. Through a multi-dimensional framework, IndiEarth connects India’s artists and worldwide Media and offers programming opportunities and resources for the development of artists and the industry.


Online platform connecting India’s non-mainstream artists and worldwide Media, promotion, artist booking and screening opportunities, and other tools and resources for the independent musician and filmmaker.


The professional trade event for global exchange, collaboration and opportunities for artists and professionals, with a focus on India, Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean regions.

Festivals & Trade Events

A sustainable collective of festivals and professional markets worldwide for the development of music, film and media markets.

EarthSync Academy

Addressing the challenges of the Indian market where specialised, extended duration courses are hard to access by most, the EarthSync Academy brings hands-on professionals to lead workshops, mentoring sessions and provide technical training to the creative learner.  With a highly acclaimed portfolio of music, films, media, festivals and trade events , the EarthSync Academy has held over 22 workshops - primarily at IndiEarth XChange - extending its expertise and capabilities to share knowledge and support independent artists.